Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cartel Gets Blogger Buzz for Band in a Bubble

Tonight, Cartel will go all John Travolta on us and lock themselves in a bubble. The Band in a Bubble will have their every move monitored online and broadcasted on MTV as they write and record their new album in a giant transparent bubble located in New York City. After 20 days, Cartel will emerge and perform their new tunes live on MTV.

Dr. Pepper and MTV are behind the event and they've even solicited bloggers to give it some love. So when they promised me a Cartel prize pack, I was more than happy to sell out for one of my favorite bands.

Seeking link love and blogger buzz is absolutely the right way to promote this. Because people like me, who love Cartel, will jump all over this.
I've seen them live and their drummer, Kevin Sanders, plays some slick SJC Custom Drums. So by hitting me up, these companies can authentically hype the event and, in turn, their brands.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Things We Think Of And Do Not Say

Remember when Tom Cruise lost his mind? No, not going off on Oprah. Going off as Jerry McGuire on an all-night writing bender to produce his mission statement, "The things we think of and do not say."

Tug over at American Copywriter
might not be "the lord of the living room," but he's churned out an equally inspirational manifesto. "Improving your creative life for tomorrow starts today" is packed with marvelous revelations about the creative process and doing it right. It's a must-read.

Well said, Tug.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Old Spice Asks A Ninja for Placement

After Bruce Campbell's awesome experience monologue on television, Old Spice has waded into the new media waters. The brand is promoting its Keep it Clean photo contest for Red Zone body wash on The Ask A Ninja podcast.

This is a great tactic for a brand that competes for the young male demographic with Axe, Tag and now RGX. In a category filled with boobs, boobs and more boobs this contest promoting sophomoric humor is a welcome change of pace. Not to mention being savvy enough to turn to podcasting to promote it.

So if you're unfamiliar this
"factory that produces apple pie for whales," check it out.

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