Monday, August 13, 2007

It's just like, it's just like viral advertising.

When Sammy Stephens started rapping about bedrooms, bathrooms and dinettes for Flea Market Montgomery, he probably didn't think it would make him an internet celebrity. Well, it did.

He could have just basked in his internet fame but instead, he got smart. He made a viral-friendly blue screen version of his rap that let singer-songwriters and little superstars show you "it's just like a mini-mall." My man gave the content to the people. They showed him love and helped spread the word about his business.

Sammy proved that even small business can make huge waves with their advertising. That's right, we're even talking 'bout flea markets.

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At 8:52 PM, Blogger Andy Woolard said...

way to call this out, Kevin. when a small client balks at viral - we've got one helluva case study. and kudos to our entrepreneur for having the balls to blue screen.


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