Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Product Placement Loops the Loop

Product placement has been all the rage for movies and television these days. That was until "Janet Jackson's left raisin shot that horse in the face." That's why Fox show The Loop takes product placement to new heights.

As funny as this is, it could become a reality. If the revolution won't be televised, product placement needs a new home. That means some brands might sell their souls to other brands in the form of product placement. It might even be successful.

In fact, the Stride Gum they mock in the show is a real product, and they're really promoting it through product placement. Like the man said, "There's a new whore in town, and she likes gum."

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At 11:11 AM, Blogger Prescott said...

Wow, do they still play "The Loop" in your region? They cancelled it here in New York almost as swiftly as it appeared.

I have noticed more and more product placement sneaking into dialogue including an American Express ad with Ellen DeGeneres where she asks her assistant (a slow-moving box turtle) to make a "Starbcuks run". A commercial within a commercial. Whoa.


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