Wednesday, September 27, 2006

13-Year Old Playboys Resort to Identity Theft

The new commercial for the video game Test Drive Unlimited bears striking resemblance to the Citi Bank identity theft commercials, which have been running since 2004.

The Citi Bank commercials are phenomenal. They are all nice executions of a great idea. So when another commercial uses the exact same idea with a similar execution and inserts their brand instead, it's bad news.

I know there are no new ideas in advertising. But you can't make a carbon copy of another ad and slap your logo on it. Acceptable ad recycling happens, but it comes in the form of taking bits and pieces from several ads and executing them with a new twist. Not being the guy who blatantly steals someone else's ideas.

So don't be that guy, or some twenty-something punk from Kansas might take a swipe at your commercial next. "Shoot." "Yeah, shoot."



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