Friday, September 15, 2006

Music to the Ears of Jayhawk Fans

An evening of truth is upon my beloved KU Jayhawks as they prepare face Toledo on ESPN2. I, like most college sports fans, am intensely loyal to my school. To us, our school's mascots, colors and fight songs are sacred. So I'm incredibly excited that the University of Kansas now has free downloads of the school songs available on its Web site.

This isn't just about sports, there's a marketing lesson to be learned. By giving your supporters access to elements of your brand, you help them become advocates for you. This is the case with KU's school songs. Jayhawk fans across the country can now roll down their windows and crank up the fight song as they pay homage to the crimson and the blue.

It's all about giving the content to the people, and by golly, this puts a song in the hearts and ears of Jayhawk fans, not to mention, non-Jayhawk fans.

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At 1:36 PM, Blogger purplegal said...

yep... its about time they did something for free. Took a page right out of KSU's playbook. hee hee

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Aphrodite said...

Thanks for mentioning the free downloads, I am myself a huge jayhawk fan :)


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