Thursday, December 14, 2006

Only One Ad in Top Viral Videos of 2006

The end of the year means it's time for everyone to start compiling best of lists for 2006, such as iFilm's 50 best viral videos of 2006. The only ad included on the list was "Ping Pong" starring Ronaldinho and his golden Nike boots.

Here are the other advertising-related videos that made the list:
  • Little Superstar - This was later branded as a TiVo ad - mash-up style.
  • Angry Professor - Jonathan Schoenberg, creative director and partner at TDA in Boulder staged this cell phone slam during a guest lecture at a college.
  • Parodied Mac and Pc Ads - It took someone poking fun at the original ad to make the list.
  • One Bank - Viral for all the wrong reasons.
  • - The infamous subway pitch.
Now, I'll defer to AdJab on defining a viral video and withhold comment about the omission of OK Go to highlight that only one video on the list was truly an ad. For all the talk about viral advertising, our industry must not be doing too well if only one ad cracks the top 50 for the year. We need to stop making ads and start creating content.

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