Tuesday, December 05, 2006

NFL Network v. Cable Companies

The battle between NFL Network and cable companies has raged for some time. NFL owners want ridiculous amounts of money for exclusive football games and cable companies are challenging the network to survive without them.

To combat this, the NFL Network ran ads asking people to call their cable companies and request that they carry the channel. Next, Kansas City cable companies started running ads attacking each other. Everest Cable ran ads imploring people to switch from rival Time Warner to Everest so they could watch the NFL Network. However, Everest does not actually air any of the football games on the channel because they are blacked out. Talk about false advertising.

Although Everest was wrong to deceitfully advertise the network, the greedy NFL owners are really to blame. We see enough negative and attack-filled ads during elections, no one wants to see multi-million dollar cable companies and wealthy NFL owners slug it out in the same fashion. If we learn anything from this, it should be that people want their advertising scantily clad women, elephants and toilet humor, not bickering millionaires.

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