Friday, December 01, 2006

Outreach Interational Digs Black Friday

This year Black Friday at the Country Club Plaza, or just off the Plaza at JC Memorial Nichols Fountain, was marked with shovels.

Rodgers Townsend planted hundreds of shovels with messages on the handle as part of a guerrilla effort for Outreach International. Operatives headed out at the crack of dawn to turn some of Kansas City's prime shopping ground into a hardware store. Video was posted on YouTube, a minisite was created, it made the paper and it's a really good idea.

What I love the most about this one is the minisite. Although I wish it gave more information about the covert shovel operation, the site helps Outreach International make ripples, not just a splash. The site explains the purpose of the effort, provides a measurable element to the campaign and most importantly, tells people what they can do to help.


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