Tuesday, October 31, 2006

30 Seconds of Chipotle Fame

This year's SuperBowl is quickly turning into the "please make our commercial for us bowl" for many major companies. Although Chiptole's 30 Seconds of Fame contest uses consumer-generated content, it has a fresh take on the concept.

Chipotle has enlisted students at 22 colleges, including my Alma mater, to create and post videos on YouTube. The most-streamed video will win $10,000, be posted on Chipotle's Web site and have a chance at some national television air-time. Boulder agency and avid YouTube enthusiasts TDA are behind the contest.

Targeting college ad kids and filmmakers shows a little social responsibility and donates some money to the winning school. Chipotle treats their customers well and often goes after the college crowd.
For example, Chipotle in Lawrence, KS offered to pay for out entire homecoming float and give us free burrito coupons to hand out at the parade if we incorporated a burrito into the float. That's how you create brand advocates!

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