Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm Going to the World Series

It's official. I'm going to fulfill one of my life-long dreams tomorrow night. I'm off to St. Louis to see my Cardinals play in the World Series! The picture above shows you where I'll be sitting.

After 22 long years of hardship, failure and infancy preventing me from seeing my team in the World Series, my day has finally come. However, it turns out these aren't the toughest tickets in town.

My sister is in the Sound of Music and it's sold out. It's ridiculous. I got tickets to the World Series, but I can't get in to see my little sister's musical. So I know one of you out there has two tickets you'd be willing to part with. You can't have my World Series tickets, but anything else is on the table.

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At 3:33 AM, Blogger onewomanrunning said...

I'm not going to pretend I like/understand baseball but I hope you had a good time :)


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