Monday, October 16, 2006

Jousting on the Construction Site

Saw this commercial, entitled "Joust", for Stanley's Fat Max Tape Measure during the weekend's playoff baseball games. It's absolutely phenomenal. It shows the benefit, even if it is way over the top, and I'm sure Stanley loves that the product was the hero.

Good for Stanley and Mullen for putting the commercial on the Web site
. Any commercial your company feels is good enough to air on TV, should also be on your Web site. It's inexcusable to not provide eager consumers with the branded content they want. They actually want to watch your commercial. Most people watching TV don't want to see your spot. Take a lesson from the Stanley, not to mention the Snapalope, and give the content to the people!

Brand: Stanley
Spot Title: "Joust"
Agency: Mullen
Chief Creative Officer: Edward Boches
Group CDs: Jim Hagar, Jason Stinsmuehlen
Art Director: Bob Gates
Copywriter: Jeff Baxter

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