Friday, October 13, 2006

Coca-Cola and Target Aren't 'Red'

Coca-Cola and Target are completely missing the boat by not participating in the (product) Red campaign from the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa.

There are lots of things that define a brand, and one of them is color. Yet, Coca-Cola and Target, two brands that absolutely own the color red are not involved in this campaign.

"Red" seeks iconic brands to partner with to fight AIDS in Africa. When consumers buy a "Red" product or sign up for a "Red" service, the company donates money to purchase and distribute AIDS medication. Coke could certainly use the some good publicity after claims of egregious working conditions in its international bottling operations.

If nothing else, Coke and Target could reinforce their brands' color equity, get some good press, help save some lives in Africa and have Oprah and Bono promote their swag. Sadly, the most important reason to participate is probably the least compelling to the companies in question.

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