Thursday, August 31, 2006

Purdue Football: "I LUV COACH"

Today marks the official start of college football season, and I'm pretty jacked up about it.

I'm also pretty fired up about the "I LUV COACH" campaign for Purdue football. Fans can leave a message for Coach Joe Tiller by calling 866-I-LUV-COACH. Fans can hear all the messages on the Web site and new messages are featured in TV or radio spots every week. The tagline for the radio and TV spots is, "We've got your game."

College football fans are extremely passionate and are a fertile target for user generated content. This campaign is great because it gave fans, who are foaming at the mouth for the start of the season, an outlet to support their team. The nice integration between online, radio and TV is the icing on the cake.




At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very cool. we expect to hear the coach or players hyping the ticket sale, not fans. i suspect that peer hype would carry more weight with the target consumer than what a coach is getting paid to say.

some of the messages were funny as hell


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