Friday, August 25, 2006

The Walking Billboards

This idea might be new, but its old school roots go way deeper than sporting a driver's cap. Protestors and street peddlers used similar signage to promote their message to the masses since the world was black and white. However, A company called The Walking Billboards sells ad space on a sign that has two guys carry it around with their feet chugging along and hanging out the bottom the Flintstones.

The ads shown on the Web site don't really do anything special with the medium. However, the right message for the right product could change that. The message would need to take advantage of the unique vehicle and capitalize on its constant motion and the goofy guys carrying it around. So all you creatives, make something great for these guys, and please avoid cheesy puns like "feeling boxed in by your advertising?"

via: Marketing Post



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