Monday, August 28, 2006

Portions of This Old House Brought to You By GMC

Although there are no commercials on PBS, there are underwriters and sponsors for most of the programs. This is where they drop the line, "brought to you by [insert company name here]" to get some exposure for their sponsors.

Until yesterday, that was the most creative use of this plug I'd seen. However, the little 10-second spot
GMC runs for their support of This Old House is pretty clever. In each one, a GMC truck backs part of the house into the frame so it looks like it is installed in the house. The announcer follows up with the obligatory "Portions of This Old House brought to you by GMC."

It's very subtle and will probably never draw any attention other than right here, but I appreciate GMC breaking the mold with this one to do something unique. It's tough to make a 10 second spot, so these ads are clever because these all illustrate the point simply and effectively.



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