Friday, July 28, 2006

The Reggie Bush Brand Booms

Reggie Bush and Floyd Landis have one thing in common; they both didn't missed scheduled appearances yesterday. Unlike poor Landis, who skipped out on the Tonight Show because of doping accusations, Bush was late reporting for Saints' training camp because of a contract holdout.

It's no wonder the guy wants more money; the Reggie Bush brand is booming. Bush inked several huge endorsement deals and already has commercials airing for
EA Sports NCAA 07 Football, ESPN Mobile and Subway. His other endorsements include Adidas and PepsiCo. All this despite not having a contract signed to play professional football.

It's quite ironic that his commercials have started airing with the start of NFL training camp, when Bush admits he could holdout for an entire year and go back into the draft if he doesn't get the money he wants. I think we have created a monster.



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