Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Commercial Burnout

Two of my favorite summer traditions have come to an end. The World Cup and the Tour de France are over. One ended better for America than the other, but there's always the fourth next year.

During big televised events like Tour de France or the World Cup, you see the same commercials break after break and day after day for a month. The same thing happens with the NFL or any other TV show, but these two events are different. They are tournaments, so they are on TV everyday and viewers get bombarded with the messages multiple times each day.

Other factors also contribute to this frequency. The World Cup and "le Tour" aren't major events like the Super Bowl in the United States. This causes them to get fewer commercials, meaning the commercials they do have air with greater frequency. The commercials get old, but they get ridiculous amounts of frequency because viewers continue to watch day after day.

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