Monday, July 10, 2006

Advertising Movies

AdRants points to the development of a new movie about four out-of-touch advertising execs who take a seminar to get back in touch with what's cool in the world. It could be funny, but it will probably just be another movie that misrepresents the advertising industry.

This got me thinking about other movies that glam up the ad life, while absolutely missing what it's really like and portraying us as idiots. Though it hasn't been released yet,
Deep in the Heart of Texas, starring Eva Longoria as a Beverly Hills Diva who relocates to Houston, surely tops this list. Other more enjoyable movies include How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and What Women Want.

However my favorite advertising movie is a throwback. It's not really representative of the business and it stars Whoopi Goldberg, but I can overlook these things.
Corrina, Corrina features Ray Liotta as the jingle writing superstar who asks, "who says you shouldn't have instant puddin'?" We need more brilliant insight like that in today's ad world. I mean, all he had to do was take of the "g" on pudding. Why didn't I think of that? All jokes aside, I do really like this movie, but I would still love to find an advertising movie that hits close to reality.


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