Thursday, July 27, 2006

Doping Allegations Doom Floyd Landis' Marketbility

Floyd Landis has tested positive for high levels on testosterone during his winning ride in the Tour de France. Pending a positive result of a second test on his "B" sample, Landis will surely be stripped of the title.

No matter the outcome of the test, Landis' innocence will be subject of much debate. What is not subject to debate is the effect this will have on Landis' marketability.
Even is Landis' second test comes back negative, no marketers will want him to peddle their goods.

The same thing happened to Tyler Hamilton. After completing the Tour with a broken collarbone, he drew the interest of sponsors. But after receiving a two-year ban for doping, his stock hit rock bottom and his sponsors pulled out.

What is truly sad about all of this is that Landis never had big-time sponsors to lose. These allegations will serve as a preemptive strike to his wallet and his image.



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