Thursday, June 29, 2006

Survivor Front Men Faceoff in Starbucks and Bud Light Ads

Front men from the 80's band Survivor battle it out for jingle dominance of the world in classic Starbucks and Bud Light ads.

Survivor lead singer, Dave Bickler, is the hilarious singing echo from Bud Light's Real Men of Genius campaign. This is the same campaign from DDB Chicago that just took the Grand Prix at Cannes. You might remember one-liners such as, "I see Okinawa," from Mr. Nosebleed Season Ticket Holder Guy, "A giant wooly mammoth," from Mr. Tiny Bikini Thong Wearer or "You just said duty," from Mr. Jean Shorts Inventor. Bickler is so hilarious in this role that he now has the creative freedom to write his own lines to belt out for the spots.

His successor and current Survivor front man is
Jimi Jamison. The Starbucks Double-Shot Espresso commercial "Glen" features Jamison and the entire band singing a rewritten version of "Eye of the Tiger." The band rocks out during Glen's morning routine with lyrics like, "Glen's the man going to work. Got his tie got ambition...because one day he might just become supervisor." Pretty hilarious stuff.

Both are really classic spots
and picking a winner would be like comparing apples to oranges. That being said, the hands down winner is Bickler and Real Men of Genius. I have about 85 spots from the campaign on my iPod, and consistency like that from one campaign is unheard of. So here's to you Mr. 80's Rock Band Commercial Jingle Singers.

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