Friday, June 23, 2006

Kansas, as big as you think

The state of Kansas began running 30-second ads promoting the state on the CBS Super Screen in Times Square yesterday. The ads ran during the World Cup and will air a total of 975 times over 18 days. The state also showed another spot from the campaign on all westbound US Airlines flights for a month. The spots tote the tagline, "Kansas, as big as you think." Whatever that means. The cost for production and placement of the ads was approximately $40,000.

I know that most state slogans seek to give the state an identity and make them appealing to travelers. No one ever said, "'Iowa you make me smile,' let's go vacation there." Most of these taglines are just garbage in, garbage out and should probably be thrown away.


At 10:56 PM, Blogger David Wen said...

This is going to sound biased but I think the Texas slogan of "like a whole other country" is pretty catchy.

And it's accurate too. But everybody and their mom all think Texas is still full of people riding horses and wearing cowboy hats and spurs.

Pres. Bush is slowly changing that perception...


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