Monday, June 26, 2006

Cancer Community More Important Than Money

Once again, Lance Armstrong is accused of doping. The allegations stem from Betsy Andreu, wife of Lance's former teammate Frankie Andreu. The dispute is settled, and like all of the previous accusations, Armstrong came out on top. However, this accusation is probably the most serious he has faced.

Lance Armstrong is the most tested athlete in the world. He has never had a positive test for any controlled substance. An official positive test would be disastrous to Armstrong and would cost him millions of dollars (just ask Tyler Hamilton). More importantly, it could result in the loss of respect and admiration for a hero to the cancer community.

Lance is motivated by these cancer survivors and those currently battling the illness. Although the potential loss of sponsorship or titles looms large, disappointing the cancer community is the most compelling reason for Armstrong to be clean. There are millions of people who look up to him because he survived the terrible illness that is ravaging their body. Being a role model for them makes staying clean paramount for Armstrong.


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