Monday, June 19, 2006

Budweiser makes more news at the World Cup

Sorry to drop the "B word" so frequently, but Budweiser is kind of a big deal when it comes to advertising, especially in regards to the World Cup.
  • After each match of the World Cup, the most outstanding player receives the "Budweiser Man of the Match Award." However, the team from Saudi Arabia refuses to accept any award sponsored by an alcoholic beverage company. The predominantly Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia prohibits alcoholand flogs anyone caught imbibing the forbidden substance. So, the Saudis made it clear to FIFA that none of their players would accept the award, should it be offered. FIFA responded by making it clear that no Saudi player would be considered for the award, regardless of his performance. Just another case of FIFA protecting its big-time advertisers.
  • Budweiser also made waves in England with its World Cup themed television commercials. The spots tote the tagline, "You do the football. We'll do the beer." They are a poke at American soccer and play on the little respect it gets throughout the world. A little peculiar to see an American company bring up anti-American sentiments in its advertising. This is likely why you can't find this commercial anywhere on the Internet, and especially not on Budweiser's UK Web site. They don't want to piss off Bud drinkers who are soccer fans.


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