Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Rockin' Contest

Kansas City radio station 98.9 The Rock wants listeners to create a 30 second television commercial for the prize of $20,000. What a great way to get listeners involved and give them an opportunity to create their own content. Check it out.

The contest is open to anyone, including advertising agencies. But the $20,000 prize is much less than the price The Rock would pay to have an agency for a commercial. The station's Howard-Stern-like morning man, Johnny Dare, said they want a made-in-the basement feel for the spot. Dare implored listeners to cut their houses in half, paint "The Rock" on water towers, and blow up their trailers to make the winning commercial. The only limitation is that the commercial has to be suitable to air on television. I can’t wait to see the winning spot.


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