Monday, March 06, 2006

Order of the Serpentine

Axe built its brand on clever potty humor and sexual references. Sophomoric, but very entertaining for their target audience of young males. Lately, Axe has turned to more sophisticated means of promoting the brand, such as the Gamekillers TV show and integrated Mo Rocca lecture series. Axe's latest ploy focuses on the shame of a "Questionable hookup," and a secret society that can cleanse you of that shame.

The campaign starts with television commercials promoting "The Order of the Serpentine" and directing traffic to a Web site, where the meat and potatoes of the campaign await. The site contains fake investigative news reports about the origins and secrets of the order, all of the TV commercials, and an opportunity to join the order and get some free product.

The fake investigative reports are absolutely hilarious, and offer a much more sophisticated approach than the poo poo jokes of Axe's past. This is a great online campaign that incorporates humor, wit, and emotions many young men can relate to. The campaign brings the viewer in and lets them interact with it to create an experience they are a part of. It lets them feel privileged because they discovered the secrets of an exclusive and interesting secret society. Not to mention it's hilarious.

So one again, a job well done by Axe, and a step toward creating a more sophisticated image for the brand.


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