Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Red Means Go

The St. Louis Cardinals have done some pretty good stuff to promote the club. Last year they came up with one of my all-time favorite taglines; "Red means go." This line was so popular, it became a rallying cry for Cards' fans everywhere, and as anyone from St. Louis will tell you, red means the Cardinals.

This year the team put up billboards all around town with Cardinals on them. After the billboards were up for a while, they staged the theft of Cardinals from boards. They also created a MySpace profile for the bird-napper and performed a red bird-bearing dash in front of local newspaper reporters to generate hype buzz about the team.

This marketing effort is a testament to the strength and worth of the Cardinals' brand. The team has a brand new ballpark and already sold out all season ticket packages for the year, yet it still put forth a good campaign. Much love to the organization for maintaining the Cardinals as St. Louis' team.


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