Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Agency.com Rolls Big

I don't care if you think Agency.com's Subway video is lame or not. I also don't think that all PR is good PR. However, I do think handling negative limelight the right way can generate good PR, even though we're laughing at Agency.com, not with them.

That being said, props to Agency.com for having a sense of humor and for making the site When We Roll, We Roll Big. It shows they believed in themselves from the beginning and want people to interact with their brand and form their own opinions, be they negative or positive.

As of right now, Agency.com is dead to many people in the ad industry. However, it's not our opinions that count because it's the clients that pay the bills and keep all of us employed. So it's ultimately their opinions that count. That is, if they even noticed.



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