Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spangles Just Advertises Better

Spangles is a local burger joint that just opened a new restaurant in Lawrence. It's a lot like a combination of Steak & Shake, Sonic and Jack in the Box. There are tons of Spangles in Wichita, but this is the first one in Lawrence.

The restaurant is known for its goofy commercials that usually air with great frequency. They also have a knack for getting their jingles stuck in your head ("Spangles, it just tastes better"). Even as I'm writing this, one of these commercials is playing on TV. Some of the spots are just down right ridiculous, and they get pretty annoying after you see them a few hundred times.

However, frequency drives recognition and this particular burger joint is so beloved in Wichita, that everyone likes the commercials. While I'd like to believe that really clever and well-executed advertising drives business, in this case, mediocre advertising produced great results for Spangles. I guess I just have to accept that so-so commercials and great frequency can be considered good advertising.


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