Monday, April 03, 2006

Turner Shows Ali G More "Restecp"

I usually don't try to break news because, quite frankly, I could never keep up with AdRants, they're kind of a big deal. But I found this one in Sports Business Journal so I though I'd post it.

Turner Sports collaborated with Spike Lee and Ali G to make eight new television spots promoting the NBA playoffs. TNT already produced several spots,
that feature Ali G, promoting their Thursday night games. Lee, who also worked with the league writing playoff spots for last year, wrote and directed the new spots. The first spot aired March 27, and the rest will soon follow.

The rest of the spots are set to air on TNT and TBS. In addition to Ali G, these spots feature Tim Duncan, Steve Kerr, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Reggie Miller. Turner hopes these new spots boost their playoff ratings, which were down last year.

As of tonight, the NBA is the only basketball to be found. The league's ratings are typically low during the regular season, but spike during the playoffs. Last year, the league had a 1.2 rating during the regular season and a 3.4 playoff rating.


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