Friday, April 14, 2006

M&Ms Not So M-Azing In the Sack

M&Ms, the flagship candy of Mars Incorporated, has a new candy bar called M-Azing. It's basically a Nestle Crunch Bar with M&Ms in it. Or as their commercials say, "M&Ms deep inside creamy chocolate."

The new campaign and the intentionally sexually suggestive language it uses is pretty racy. The TV commercials feature M&Ms and a milk chocolate bar preparing to get down. One spot has them cuddled up together in front of a fireplace at a romantic cabin and the other has them in the back seat of a car on some desolate lovers' lane.

It's my policy not to crap on anyone's work on this blog. I have done nothing to earn the right to tear down something someone worked so hard to build; and I'll stay true to that. However, I will comment on the appropriateness of this ad. I don't think using a sexually loaded message is the right tactic for a product that primarily targets children. I understand the need to be cutting edge and witty, but this isn't witty. It's just lewd and lascivious.

Our industry is already under attack from people accusing us of warping kids' minds. Don't believe me? Ask the Marlboro Man, Joe Camel or go see "Thank You For Smoking," you'll feel slimy. I just think M&M's could have done better by not playing up the sexual aspects of the commercials.

On a side note, Mars also makes Milky Way candy bars. They also have some new
TV commericals out. I'll only say they are on par with the M&Ms commercials and leave you to make your own judgments about them.


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