Saturday, April 01, 2006

How Four Minutes and TV Changed A Life

Every major television network, including ESPN and CNN, covered the story of Jason McElwain. Although this is a remarkable story, Jason would just be another kid without television and the media.

The resulting media coverage changed Jason from local hero, to a national symbol of hope. Jason, dubbed JMac by his friends, got to meet President Bush, received a free trip to the Final Four courtesy of Pontiac, and had $20,000
($1,00 for each point he scored) contributed on his behalf to autism research by General Motors.

Had this same event happened 20 years ago, no one would know the story of JMac. But the incredible growth of media brought him national attention and corporate sponsors. Just another way companies try to get their name out there by doing good deeds. In this case, more power to them.

Great moments are fleeting, but they define our lives. JMac's four minutes on the court might be over, but his fifteen minutes of fame are still going.


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