Monday, March 27, 2006

Proof That Older People Are Just Big Kids

During my spring break I spent lots of time hanging out with my family. We watched a lot of basketball games on TV and as a result, we also watched a lot of ads. Seeing my various family members reactions to many of these ads have me some perspective about how people of different ages see commercials.

My little brother and sister frequently sang along to the jingles. Their favorite sing-along came from a Budweiser commercial. "This is Budweiser, this is beer." To them, it was practicly content, just another source of entertainment. They also really liked the Intel Centrino commercial with Jacques Villeneuve. The commercial probably played ten times during the week, and every time she saw it my sister would say, "Monaco, baby!"

My grandpa also showed interest in advertising. Twice in one evening, he mentioned, in detail, an ad that he saw in the paper. He is retired, so he has a lot of time on his hands and likely spends more time with the newspaper each day. Which means he also spends more time with the ads in the newspaper everyday.

It is very interesting to two gorups of people on completely different ends of the age spectrum viewed commercials in a fairly similar manner. Maybe advertising just runs in our blood.


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