Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shock Value From Africa

Lots of ads try to catch your attention using shock value. I have never been so shocked by an ad. I had to read it at least three times because it left me absolutely stunned.

The ad says, "A roof without HARVEY TILES can't make your mind free; the same as sex with a baby can't cure HIV/AIDS."

What's even more shocking is that this ad wasn't created for shock value. It intends to dispel a rumor that having sex with a virgin protects you from AIDS. Becuase of this rumor, people were having sex with babies in futile attempts to protect themselves from the deadly virus. So surprisingly enough, this ad has a lot of social value.

I found this ad in an article on ESPN.com about the positive effect of sports in Africa. Much of this good work is the result of the Right to Play foundation, which benefited from US speedskater Joey Cheek's donated Olympic bonus money. Good man. Good foundation. Good ad.


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