Friday, May 05, 2006

Hyundai Lets Fans Tag Buses

To promote the upcoming World Cup, Hyundai let users submit and vote on the slogans that will adorn the sides of the buses for each of the 32 countries.

Some of these slogans are good, some bad, and some are just plain weird. The United States voted for the cliché but inspiring tagline, "United we play, United we win." However, Switzerland opted for a more humorous approach in the ever-popular "2006, it's Swiss o'clock." Either that, or it's a bad translation.

This is a good little strategy involving consumer generated content. Get the fans involved in something they care about. Blow it up, and put it on the side of your bus. Then drive the actual team around in at the biggest tournament in the world.
Well done Hyundai.


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