Monday, May 15, 2006

Nothing is Impossible for Adidas

Lately, everyone wants to resurrect figures from the past for commercials. For the most part, I think it comes off as cheesey and in poor taste. However, a new Adidas commercial promoting the upcoming World Cup has me rethinking the issue.

The commercial features two little boys picking their "impossible" fantasy soccer teams. The picks are a who's who in today's international soccer scene. Then, one of the kids picks Franz Beckenbauer, the legendary German international player.

Most of these commercials don't really need the resurrection, they just want to capitalize on the a legendary image to move product and be cool by association. However, there was more than enough star power in the spot without Beckenbauer. It also is less creepy because Franz Beckenbauer isn't dead, so his likeness probably had his blessing. Beckenbauer ends up being the twist in the commerical, which fits in nicely with Adidas' "impossible is nothing" campaign. It's also a nice touch to bring back a German player, since the tournament is in Germany.

Final verdict: Adidas' resurrection of Beckenbauer works well. It was released internationally, and even has en extended German version to play to the home crowd. It's well done, and well timed. Plus, Adidas needed to get on the ball to compete with Nike's World Cup ads.


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