Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The OC Is goNNa B gR8

In a world where every 15-year old has a cell phone, FOX is on a mission to with all of them. A friend of mine gets text messages from Fox every Thursday to remind her to watch The OC that evening. Fox really takes it to the next level by trying to use what I'll call "text message speak." Here are two of these messages:

"FOX: Marissa tries 2 get reacquainted W her ltl sis, bt Kaitlin jst stRs up trouble 4 the gang as she preparRz 2 cLebr8 her 15th bday on the OC, 2nite, 9/8c"
-sent Jan. 27, 5:47 pm

"FOX: The OC Kaitlin brAkz opN the luv triangle & Marissa finalE telz Johnny how she truly fElz on The OC, 2nite, 9/8c"
-sent Feb. 2, 6:03 pm

I can just see some poor copywriter trying to piece these things together. Maybe calling their 15-year old niece or hanging out in AOL chatrooms to make sure they get it right. The text messages also feature interactive content, games and behind-the-scenes gossip.The sad thing is that it is probably working. The language they use is the language of text messages, and it gives them another way to connect to their audience. They might not be able to get lots of money out of their target demographic, but the've done a great job of winning their unflinching loyalty.


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